Portfolio Building Workshop


Portfolio Building Workshop


Show Your Best Work to Art Directors, Editors and Clients.

Are you looking to build or expand your portfolio?

Join our 3-day portfolio building workshop, where you are able to create your own photos with expert guidance from Broncolor Head Photographer Urs Recher and top-notch support from the MOJA team.

You will shoot 16 unique sets, each to be set up and explained in great detail by lighting master Urs Recher. You will receive extensive hands-on guidance during the workshop, from concept and technical explanations, shooting, image selection to post-production. Professional support for post-production will also be provided.

While the main focus of the workshop is on the understanding of the lighting techniques, the ultimate goal is for you to add a great selection of photographs to your portfolio. At the end of the workshop, you will take away work that is owned by you, including the creative credits, setup know-how and model release.

The subject of this workshop will be people, including portrait, beauty, fashion, nude and dance.

To make sure that you have extended time to work on your images, the workshop will be limited to 12 participants, dividing into 4 groups of 3 photographers.


12, 13, 14 December, 2019

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Limited spots available for 12 participants.

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