Photography Workshop with Sails Chong - hosted by MOJA
to Oct 13

Photography Workshop with Sails Chong - hosted by MOJA

Hosted by Photographer MOJA and BRONCOLOR

MOJA invites Sails CHONG, one of the world’s top photographers and Hasselblad and Broncolor Ambassador, to give his first photography workshop in Europe.

Sails Chong Photography

In this photography workshop, you will learn how to see and shape light, direct model to create powerful and emotionally engaging photos, and bring the images to life through post-production. Sails will answer the most frequently asked questions about equipment, photoshoot production and work process.

Join us and take your portrait photography to the next level!


11-12-13 October, 2019

Workshop Schedule

Day 1 | Fri, 11 Oct, 9:00 - 18:00

Basic Theory & Advanced Theory
Indoor Lighting Specs
Indoor Shooting Session
Wrap-up Session

Day 2 | Sat, 12 Oct, 9:00 - 18:00

Outdoor Lighting Specs
Outdoor Lighting Session
Wrap-up Session

Day 3 | Sun, 13 Oct, 9:00 - 18:00

Image Editing - Photoshop
Branding & Marketing Strategies
Building Your Brand
Wrap-up Session


French translation

Regular Tickets

1 day: 800 EUR
2 days: 1.500 EUR
3 days: 2.000 EUR

Ticket prices include coffee breaks and lunches.
If invoiced to a company (who makes the payment) : removal of 17% taxes.
For European countries : valid VAT number for cross border transactions within the EU.
For other countries, please contact us for more information.

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Limited spots available.

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MOJA Photo Studio
25-27, Zone Industrielle, 8287 Kehlen, Luxembourg
(Google Maps)

Hotels proposal

If you prefer staying in the City of Luxembourg, there are many hotels in town at 15 km.


Production: + 352 2 637 57 74
Moja: + 352 621 25 32 31

About Sails Chong

Sails Chong

Sails Chong is China’s top photographer and a Hasselblad and Broncolor Ambassador. Coming from an academic background of Japanese Studies and Fine Arts, he is famous for his photography where he creates surrealistic imagery of the portrait set against a backdrop of visually stunning Chinese aesthetics or breathtaking landscape. Sails Chong believes that photography is a lonely journey, and no glorious booming is possible without years of grinding.

With his education and working experience in Japan, he is very particular on principles in an almost rigidly vigorous way. He judges harshly on the composition and the exposure and builds them on precise mathematics before giving emotional depth to the photographs.

“Only after we run can we know the joy of wind.”

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ShootLUX 2019
to Mar 23

ShootLUX 2019

  • Studio MOJA / Absolute Blue s.a. (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Shaping Light

Together with Broncolor’s Head Photographer and Consultant Urs Recher, MOJA will co-host Broncolor’s first photography workshop ShootLUX in Luxembourg on Friday, 22 March and Saturday, 23 March.

ShootLUX 2019 is an informative forum where budding photographers, advanced amateurs and professionals can network, share ideas, educate themselves on photographic tools, and foster a community with their fellow photographers.

MOJA will share practical tips for fashion photography projects: how to develop concepts, create storyboard, scout locations, produce set, and control light on locations.

As an expert in light shaping, Urs Recher will share his knowledge on studio lighting and light shapers.

We will both discuss theories and carry out live shooting exercises during the 2-day workshop.

Workshop Schedule

DAY 1 | Friday, 22nd March 2019, 10:00 - 17:00

Fashion and Beauty Photography with MOJA
* Workshop Day 1 will be given in English or French based on registrations.

DAY 2 | Saturday, 23rd March 2019, 10:00 - 17:00

Shaping Light with Urs Recher
* Workshop Day 2 will be given in English.


Studio MOJA / Absolute Blue s.a.
25-27, Zone Industrielle
L-8287 Kehlen
(near Filmland)

Practical Info

Free parking is available in front of and nearby the building, on places that are not marked reserved.

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About MOJA

MOJA is a fashion and beauty photographer who counts a great number of publications in international magazines. Surrounded by specialists in fashion and photography, MOJA creates images with special atmospheres that emphasizes the story behind each picture.

About Urs Recher

As head photographer and consultant of Broncolor Switzerland, Urs plays a pivotal role in the products, content, and imagery of the company and is famous for his educational videos. An expert in light shaping, Urs is the author of “Lighting Architecture” and has spent the past few decades educating students from all over the world on lighting fundamentals and composition.

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