Our 246 m² newly renovated photo studio is perfect for photography projects, and suitable for video recordings. It is available for bookings all week, including weekends.

The Studio

  • size: 246 m², located on the ground floor

  • high ceiling of 8 meters

  • white cyclorama wall (with corner): 7m x 9m x 6m high

  • adjustable backdrops: white, black and other colours

  • truss system with adjustable height, up to 7 m

  • automatic garage door: 4m wide x 4,5m high

  • changing room of 10 m²

  • 2 professional makeup tables with lighted mirrors


  • furnitures: large tables and chairs

  • beverages: coffee, tea, still water

  • utilities: electricity, heating, (water on request)

Rental prices 2019

  • studio only (with tripods): 500 EUR per day, excl. VAT

  • studio with photo equipment: 1000 EUR per day, excl. VAT + 350 EUR excl. VAT (for the technician)

    • flashes: Broncolor scoro, move, siros, picolite, para, etc…

    • shapers/modifiers: softboxes; octaboxes, reflectors,… etc

    • 3 Pulso G (flash heads)

    • extra lighting equipment up to 18 heads

    • technician included (compulsory)

  • day rental up to 10 hours max

  • Saturdays and Sundays rentals without extra cost

Access and Parking

  • easy access by car (5km from the highway): 15 km from Luxembourg, 210 km from Brussels, 360 km from Paris.

  • free parking available in front of and nearby the building

Important Notes

The studio is provided to the user cleaned, and with equipment in perfect working condition. The equipments must be returned in the same condition. The user is responsible for cleaning the space and disposing the waste.

The user is responsible for the activities exercised in the studio. Occupation of the studio and the usage of its content are therefore under full responsibility of the user, and must be covered by appropriate insurances.

The user agrees to pay the damage caused by him or a third party introduced by him. Absolute Blue will determine the damages and will decide the repair and/or replacement to be made. For information, the floor paint of the cyclorama costs 150EUR

A deposit of 500 EUR (only studio rental) or 1350EUR (equipped studio rental) must be transferred before the occupation of the studio. The deposit will be refunded upon leaving the premises if no damage was found.