MOJA Photo Labs Behind-the-Scenes Videos

MOJA Photo Labs - “To all work as a team, and to create something very special and very magical.”

MOJA Photo Labs, Cannes Film Festival 2019

During the 72nd Cannes Film Festival, MOJA hosted and produced MOJA Photo Labs, which brought together photographers, fashion designers and make-up artists to create fashion images as collaborative teams.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at each Lab and the experiences of our Lab participants.

“Only after we run, can we know the joy of wind.”
One of China’s Top photographers Sails Chong shared with us his creative process and what inspires him at MOJA Photo Labs in Cannes.

“If you think it does not work - change your perspective.”
Lighting master Urs Recher talked about how he created dynamic cinematic movements in still photographs for the MOJA Photo Labs - Fashion, Cinematic Identity.

“Don’t run away from the problem, you face it!”
At MOJA Photo Labs, Malaysian Photographer Tengku Azri shared with us his approach when facing challenges.

“Wabi - Sabi. Nothing lasts, nothing is finished, nothing is perfect.”
Photographer Eujin Goh talked about his philosophy in seeing beauty in imperfections, and his collaboration with Artist Didier de Radigues at MOJA Photo Labs.

“Exchange” as the keyword of MOJA Photo Labs
Teaming the finest art photographers to the finest fashion designers.


Producer and Host Photographer: Awamu Moja
Concept: Cassandre Lebrun, Patrick Nassogne
Photographers: Sails ChongUrs RecherTengku AzriEujin Goh
Fashion Designers and Artists: Huiqin PengDidier de RadiguèsDanilo ForestieriAmbra Zavatta, Violaine Tamara Imbert-Fairchild
Model: Lola Alc
Make-up Artist: Paddy McGurgan
Hirstyling: Valentina Becker
Photo Assistants: Idrissa Sall Idino, Federico Guida, Melania Dalle Grave
Cameraman: Raphael Van Sitteren
Video Editor: Pascal Oberlin
Script: Anne Calais
Digital Media: Ling Lin
Lighting: broncolor